From the Desk of General theSecretary...

The Diocesan Missionary Prayer Band provides us the opportunities to serve the Lord by involving in its various missionary activities such as preaching the Gospel, educating the uneducated by building up schools and hostels for the poor, raising funds, conducting prayer groups and doing promotional work. As sponsors and committee members we arrange retreats, prayer meetings, special sales, etc. We are really blessed by these involvements by obeying the Lord in His Great Commission.  

We request you and appeal to you as children of God to come forward and serve the Lord by your involvements and participation in our prayer band and be blessed by Him spritually and physically. This is the great service to God in the upliftment of the neglected and downtrodden tribals and poor people. This is also a great mission to bring these people to the saving grace of our God and Saviour Jesus Christ.

With best wishes and prayers,

Yours in Christ,
General Secretary, DMPB



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